Over/Under 2.5 Goals betting system – Part Two

A few days ago on our site for betting systems we posted an article for an interesting betting strategy linked to bets on Under and Over 2.5 goals scored by both teams in football matches. This betting strategy is related to the finding matches where both teams failed to score more than two goals in their recent meeting, something that suggests that it would be hard for them to score more in the match between them. However, in practice it turns out that this is not true and it can be used to make profits from betting on football matches.

In our previous post (you can read it here) we promised you more data and here are the numbers.

The results show that when teams with such a low performance shown in their last matches play against each other, in 48.8% of cases, the matches end with more than 2.5 goals scored by both teams. This gives really good betting profit since the average odds for Over 2.5 goals scored in the match for these type of meetings is around 2.5. This in turn gives success rate of 22% for bets on single and much larger gains when the player use different progressive betting systems.

Moreover, a careful analysis of encounters with such indicators shows that more than 57% of matches ended with 2 or 3 scored by both teams goals, which also provides good opportunities for betting success. The figures also show that 20% of these meetings end with over 3.5 goals scored by both teams and only 23% of these matches are under 2 goals scored by both teams.

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There are even more interesting numbers which we could pull out from such matches and they are that more than 55.5 percent of these matches end with Both teams to score in the match. This means that in such meetings both teams manage to score at least once in the game. This is also a statistic that deserves to be examined in more details, but we’ll do it in one of our next publications.

Why there are so many goals in such meetings is difficult to be explained, but it is a fact and can easily be used in our bets. Of course, like any new system it is recommended that it must be tested in the most secure way, namely betting on singles and probably on a on paper trial. When you see that this system can be profitable, the most easiest thing to do is to start betting with real money.

If the fact that you need a specially created software to find such football meetings bother you, don’t worry. When you need to create betting software of any kind, feel free to contact us. Visit our contact page and together we will create what you need.