Basketball Live Betting strategy

Live betting offers so many opportunities, but basketball is definitely among the games that really give profit opportunities when betting live. If you’ve watched enough basketball games, you most probably should have noticed that the game runs on series in which first one, then the other team has the advantage and score series of points.

For basketball games (especially when two equal teams play) is a common thing one of the teams to lead by ten or more points and then the other team only in a few minutes to erase the difference and in turn to lead with a few points. I’ve watched matches where the host team led after the first part with 12 points margin, but then followed a series of 23 consecutive points for the other team, which in turn led with 12 points at the half time.

All this can be used in sports betting, but live betting requires lots of time and effort to find the right bet. Anyway, here’s an interesting live betting strategy for basketball.

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Anyone who has bet on basketball games knows that the bookmakers offer a handicap odds in favor of one of the two teams. But few have noticed that this handicap is used also as a base for the betting margin on live betting which is combined with the current result of the match. For example, if before the start of the match the guests have handicap of +5, then when we have a result such as 25:20, the live betting offer made by the bookmakers would be +9.5 or +10.5 points in favor of the guests, depending on which team attacks in moment. The opposite is also true and the proposal for a bet in favor of the hosts with equal odds would be -9.5 and -10.5.

What is interesting is that in the course of the game, this preliminary basis which is sum with the current result to give the betting proposal of the bookmaker for live betting changes. This is what can and should be used by the bettors.

At the end of the game you will see that if like in the above example, the hosts lead by five points margin, lets say, 75:70, the proposal of the bookmaker would no longer be 9.5 or 10.5 points in favor of the guests. Depending on the game, the proposal could be 5 points for visitors or something like that. In practice, this means that at the same score difference (five points in favor of the hosts), the bookmaker calculated differently the chances of both teams to win the match with a margin. In other words, if the preliminary handicap was +5 for guests, now it is 0.

In the example above, that means that it’s time to bet for a home win with -5 since in the beginning of the match, their handicap was -5 and at 75:70 with a proposal of -5 for host made by the bookmaker, their handicap is now 0.

What could be better than that?

Over/Under 2.5 Goals betting system – Part Two

A few days ago on our site for betting systems we posted an article for an interesting betting strategy linked to bets on Under and Over 2.5 goals scored by both teams in football matches. This betting strategy is related to the finding matches where both teams failed to score more than two goals in their recent meeting, something that suggests that it would be hard for them to score more in the match between them. However, in practice it turns out that this is not true and it can be used to make profits from betting on football matches.

In our previous post (you can read it here) we promised you more data and here are the numbers.

The results show that when teams with such a low performance shown in their last matches play against each other, in 48.8% of cases, the matches end with more than 2.5 goals scored by both teams. This gives really good betting profit since the average odds for Over 2.5 goals scored in the match for these type of meetings is around 2.5. This in turn gives success rate of 22% for bets on single and much larger gains when the player use different progressive betting systems.

Moreover, a careful analysis of encounters with such indicators shows that more than 57% of matches ended with 2 or 3 scored by both teams goals, which also provides good opportunities for betting success. The figures also show that 20% of these meetings end with over 3.5 goals scored by both teams and only 23% of these matches are under 2 goals scored by both teams.

In you are interested of Under / Over betting on basketball matches you could check this site for basketball betting predictions

There are even more interesting numbers which we could pull out from such matches and they are that more than 55.5 percent of these matches end with Both teams to score in the match. This means that in such meetings both teams manage to score at least once in the game. This is also a statistic that deserves to be examined in more details, but we’ll do it in one of our next publications.

Why there are so many goals in such meetings is difficult to be explained, but it is a fact and can easily be used in our bets. Of course, like any new system it is recommended that it must be tested in the most secure way, namely betting on singles and probably on a on paper trial. When you see that this system can be profitable, the most easiest thing to do is to start betting with real money.

If the fact that you need a specially created software to find such football meetings bother you, don’t worry. When you need to create betting software of any kind, feel free to contact us. Visit our contact page and together we will create what you need.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals betting system

One of the most popular options for betting on football matches is betting on Under/Over 2.5 goals scored by both teams in the match. This is because the odds for this bet are available for almost all football matches and besides, this type of betting has a great advantage, as there are only two possible outcomes from the bet. By comparison, when you bet on the winner of the match, you have three possible outcomes – home win, away win and a draw.

If you are not familiar with Over/Under bets, you can see more about this type of bet at Wikipedia.

The Over / Under 2.5 Goals betting option has another advantage, which is that the success of the bet is not tied to which of the two teams will win the match. It is important only how many goals will be scored. This provides additional options that can be used to reach out the needed profit from the bets. Another advantage is that the bookmakers offer not only 2.5 goals betting option, but also offers for Over / Under 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, 4.5 and so on goals.

In the following few lines we are going to tell you more about an interesting Over / Under 2.5 Goals betting strategy that can be used with success. The latter is especially true if the player follows the system with strict discipline of the bets and the amounts that will be pledged for every match.

What are you talking about? This betting strategy for Under / Over 2.5 goals, scored in a football match is connected with the last matches played by both teams and situations when the teams couldn’t score lots of goals in recent times. For our strategy, we are checking daily the proposals of the bookmakers and seek for matches in which neither the hosts nor visitors managed to score more than two goals in their last four games. It is important to note that for the home team we look only for home matches and for the visiting team we track only matches away from home. To make this possible, we use a specially created software that checks pretty quickly all matches for us. Otherwise, the task becomes very time-consuming and uneconomical in practice.

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When we find such a match, where we have teams which don’t score many goals recently it seems that the it is most likely to bet on Under 2.5 goals scored in the game by both teams. The bookies expect the same, so the rates you would get for such bet is usually around 1.45 – 1.5. At least, you could find such proposals from the big bookmakers like bet365, William Hill and 18bet. For example, for such matches, the average odds offered by bet365 is 1.51. However, in practice it appears that these matches are so goalless and the odds offered by the bookmakers are unrealistically low.

The actual results that you can expect from this type of bets we will sum up in our next article. You could expect it in the next few days.